My name is Damien and I run ‘Origins’, a small kennel located in Melbourne, Australia. I am a registered dog breeder with Dogs Victoria, governed by the Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC) breeding German Spitz Mittel.

I was introduced to German Spitz in 2013 when we started exhibiting my first German Spitz Mittel ‘Bane’. Having such a passion for the breed, I wanted to play my part in the promotion, conservation, and improvement, and as such have since become a registered breeder. I have been fortunate enough to have two wonderful foundation dogs (Bane and Nina) for my kennel getting their “origins” from successful kennels as Borndownunda, Atetac, Neuboree, Fyreburst, and Llancarfan to name a few. My goal is to work to maintain the high level of standard which we have in Australia for this amazing breed with the aid of mentoring from our senior kennels.

My chosen Kennel Prefix 'Origins' has many meanings to me, however it was strongly influenced by my love of comic books (particularly the x men series). As I expand, you will start to see more of this theme reflected in the names of my progeny. It is a nice collaboration of my two interests and I think of the breed as my own superhero's so why else shouldn't I call them superhero's (or villains)!

I have also recently imported in 2016 a lovely boy from Hulmukan Kennels in Finland to expand on our gene pool here in Australia and who will be a center of my ongoing breeding plans! I have chosen the name 'Havok' for this special little man in theme with X men. You can see photo updates being shared on our Facebook page. 

It is with great hope that I can pursue this hobby further in the future by not only continuing to exhibit and improve the breed of German Spitz Mittel, as well as representing the breed in sports as well as regularly at dog related events like the yearly Dog Lover's Expo.

I am a supporter of Oscar’s Law and actively sign petitions on shutting down puppy farms in addition to fully support the 'adopt, don't shop' mentality where this is appropriate. I am delighted to hear of changes in legislation's in Victoria regarding the sale of dogs and cats in pet shops, however I feel the farms will still exist as it seems the public may be confused over what is right and what is wrong and for some reason still feel they are getting a better quality dog from a petshop. I remain hopeful that I will see the end to the sale of livestock in petshopsin our lifetime. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions (big or small) using the online form on our 'Contact us' page. 

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